300 Scugog Street, Bowmanville, ON, L1C3K2
Phone: (905) 623-3990 Fax: (905) 623-9991

Website: http://www.sscss.ca
For transportation boundaries visit the STSCO web site at www.stsco.ca

Area Trustees: Granville Anderson / Peggy O'Toole Teachers:
Director of Education: Barbara McMorrow

Nicholas Abramczyk
Sean Bal
Rebecca Beesley
Tanya Berezuk
Eric Berube
Grace Bettencourt
Andrew Butler
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Superintendent of Schools: Ms. Deirdre Thomas
Pastors: Fr. Peter Seabrooke/Fr. Paul Massel/Fr. Stan Witczak
Chaplains:Marie Bellefontaine
Principal: Mark Joly
Vice-Principals: Andrew Finlan
Bridget McCann-Girard
Secretaries: Linda Derby
Joanne Laton
Rachel Mackey
Maria McDougall
Lisa Parolin
Custodians: Biagio Ciraulo
Shawn Craggs
Bryan Herr
Bradley Jones
Andrew Mackey
Ross Pomfret
Silvia Stewart
Dominic Vessio
Educational Assistants: Patricia Appleman
Rosanne Bell
Joanne Burch
Natalie Fitze
Helene Folk
Curtis Hackney
Jennifer Nicholas
Ida Rabideau
Sandra Tavares
Library Support Specialists: N/A


- Student Enrolment: 920- Number of Staff: 79# School PTR: 19.6
- Special Programs: French Immersion
- Facility Highlights: Chapel, Library Resource Centre, 2 double gyms, track, fitness room, cafetorium, science labs, computer labs, state of the art manufacturing/construction shops and hair dressing facility.


The school provides a Catholic faith-based education in accordance with the Institute for Catholic Education Catholic School Graduate Expectations and the Ontario Provincial Curriculum expectations from Grades 9 to 12. Both the English program and the French Immersion program are offered from Grades 9 to 12.


* Chair: Dawn Drakes
* Co-Chair: Jackie Freeman
* Treasurer: Anne-Marie Becke
* Parent Reps: Shannon Everest, Marylou Melville, Heather Robinson
* Teacher Rep: Bridget Girard
* Student Rep: Dalainey Drakes
* Parish Rep: Jo-Ann Mackenzie
Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each Month at 7:00 p.m. in the Conference Room of the school on the following dates: October 4th 2011, November 1st 2011, December 6th 2011, February 7th 2012, April 3rd 2012, May 1st 2012, June 5th 2012. The role of the Catholic School Council is to work in cooperation with the school staff’s efforts to improve student learning and achievement.



Grade 9 Math

Year Applied Academic
2010-2011 25% 77%
2008-2009 41% 58%
2006-07 26% 52%
2005-06 39% 61%
2004-05 25% 58%
2003-04 21% 53%
2002-03 28% 55%

Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT)

2010-2011 84% 41%
2008-2009 86% 34%
2006-07 81% 36%
2005-06 81% 44%
2004-05 82% 56%
2003-04 66% 41%
2002-03 70% N/A


-Living Faith: Staff and students are encouraged to put their “faith into action” for the needs of the local and global community, through outreach ministry and activities such as food drives, Thinkfast, service to seniors and street missionary work.
- Excellence in Learning: 59 Ontario Scholars in June 2011. -Co-instructional Activities: Art Club, Choir, Concert Band, Drama Productions, Fitness Club, I. C. E. Computer Club, Jazz Band, Math Clinic, Prom, Social Justice, Student Council, Environmental Club, and Dance.
Co-instructional Activities: (Athletics) Badminton, Basketball, Cross Country, Golf, Hockey, Lacrosse, Rugby, Soccer, Slo-Pitch, Track and Field, Volleyball, Rugby,and Football.
- Social Justice: : Students are educated to become aware of instances of oppression and injustice, to think critically to envision structures which promote life and justice for all.


Summary of Student Behaviour Expectations

1. To treat all members of St. Stephen’s community with dignity and respect.
2. To take an active part in all classes.
3. To work to the best of their abilities.
4. To promote and develop self-discipline by following the Code of Behaviour.
5. To attend classes regularly and punctually.
6. To respect the rights of all other members of the community.
7. To comply with the requests of staff.


Did you know that...

• we were the first Catholic Secondary School in Clarington
• in 1985 we opened with 42 students on the upper floor of St. Stephen’s Elementary School
• from 1988 to 1998 we were located in a former prisoner of war camp on the outskirts of Bowmanville
• our school mascot is a lion and we are the home of the “Royals” athletic teams

In the 2004-2005 school year, our staff created a new Mission and a new Vision Statement for St. Stephen’s Secondary School.

Mission Statement:
While bringing to the table the ideals of St. Stephen: spirit, strength, serenity and service, our mission is to educate students and challenge them to reach their full potential by engaging all partners in a dynamic experience of faith and learning in an inclusive, Christ-centered community rooted in justice and love.

Vision Statement:
• We believe students are uniquely fashioned in God’s image, have intrinsic worth, with the ability and need to learn;
• We believe students need to belong to a community that supports and nurtures them spiritually, emotionally, socially and academically;
• We believe that our educational community strives to provide the necessary support to achieve academic success in order for students to reach their potential while building a future for youth that offers hope and compassion for all;
• We believe as a Catholic community we are all connected to others through witnessing our faith, sharing our gifts, and serving the common good;
• We believe an education founded upon Catholic values and incorporating principles of goodness, dignity and truth builds tolerance, respect and responsibility.