531 Ennis Road, Ennismore, ON, K0L1T0
Phone: (705) 292-8997 Fax: (705) 292-1915

Website: http://schools.pvnccdsb.on.ca/stmar04
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Area Trustees: Joe Whibbs Teachers:
Director of Education: Barbara McMorrow

Wendy Bedford
Dana Bidgood
Serge Carriere
Lauren Fitzgerald
Loriana Forsyth
Carrie Gosselin
Rebecca Kelly
Lindsay Lounsbury
Andrea Martin
Michael Martone
Maureen Milne
Maureen Newby
Lisa Nolan
Heather Peachey
Nicole Plunkett
Rosemary Shaughnessy
Nicole Silvestri
Wendy D. Thomas
Earlene Tucker
Tanya Tucker
Katherine Twohey

Superintendent of Schools: Mr. Dale Godin
Pastors: Father Damian Smullen
Principal: Judy Atkins
Tim Ball
Vice-Principals: N/A
Secretaries: Catherine Duignan
Custodians: Doug Cartwright
Jeffrey Michels
Educational Assistants: Lisa Chapman
Dara Gosselin
Allyson Middaugh
Julie Morris
Marilyn Murray
Debbie Walsh
Library Support Specialists: Elaine Hancock
Registered Early Childhood Educators:Laura Brioux
Kim Fawcett


# Student Enrolment: 357
# Number of Staff: 34
# School PTR: 23.14
# Special Programs: Reading/Writing Buddy Program and Grade 7/8 Youth Program.
# Facility Highlights: St. Martin’s School is located in the hamlet of Ennismore, otherwise known as the “Holyland”. We are fortunate to be located between two daycare centres, our church is next to the daycare on the west side so we walk to church for Masses. The Ennismore Public Library, Ennismore Community Centre and Curling Club are next door to the school on the east side. Our students are fortunate to be able to use all these facilities.
# Average weekly scheduled time for Reading and Math (K-6): Literacy: 100 minutes daily and Math: 60 minutes daily.


The school provides a Catholic faith-based education in accordance with the Institute for Catholic Education, Catholic School Graduate Expectations and the Ontario Provincial Curriculum expectations from Grades JK to 8. The English program runs from JK to 8.


* Chair: Mr.Greg Budnik
* Vice-Chair: Rosie Young
* Secretary: Sandra Fitzgerald
* Treasurer: Erica Arkell

Meetings are held four times a year at 6:30 p.m. in the school Library. Meetings for the 2011/2012 school year are Tuesday, September 20, 2011, Tuesday, November 8,2011, Tuesday, February 7, 2012 and Tuesday, May 15, 2012. The role of the Catholic School Council is to work in cooperation with the school staff’s efforts to improve student learning and achievement.


Grade 3 PVNC Actual School Actual
Reading 68% 67%
Writing 77% 86%
Math 71% 78%
Grade 6 PVNC Actual School Actual
Reading 73% 79%
Writing 71% 79%
Math 56% 74%
   Data from school year: 2010-2011

* EQAO suppresses results when there are 15 or fewer students in a group.


# Living Faith:
- Monthly whole school Masses at St. Martin’s Church
- Monthly assemblies on Catholic Virtues
- Grade 8 Graduation Retreat
- Grade 7 Confirmation Retreat
- Good News Assemblies
- whole school choir practices to prepare for school Masses
- children's Mass Choir sings at 11 Mass twice monthly
- Collection of non-perishable foodstuffs, and assistance with the Brock Mission
- Student recipient of Catholic Leadership medal based on criteria of the Catholic Graduate Expectations
- Graduate Expectations Prayer Services to begin Good News Assemblies and Staff Meetings
- Students led “Living Rosary” in partnership with the Catholic Women’s League & Knights of Columbus
- Pancake Breakfast for Shrove Tuesday organized by the Knights of Columbus for the whole school.
# Excellence in Learning:
In partnership with community, we are committed to supporting our students in their educational journey by providing students with unique opportunities for spiritual, academic, physical, emotional, and social growth.
The Ontario Curriculum sets out clear expectations for student learning in each subject area and at every grade level, Kindergarten to Grade 8. In classrooms, teachers plan programs that allow children to achieve the learning experiences through activities that emphasize the integrated nature of learning. Teachers design programs that highlight links within and among areas of learning that enable children to connect what they learn in school and their own experiences and the activities of everyday life.
# Athletics: Cross Country; Soccer Tournaments; Volleyball & Basketball Tournaments in January & April; Track & Field Meet at St. Martin's & St. Peter's in May & June; Three Pitch & Soft Ball Tournaments in June; Skating & Curling at Ennismore Community Centre & Ennismore Curling Club.
# Social Justice: Christmas Food Hampers, Operation Christmas Child, Sing to Seniors, United Way, Honduran Relief, Spring Clean Up At Optimist Park, Jump Rope for Heart, Canadian Cancer Society, Altar Serving for regular Masses, Funerals and Share Lent, Mass Choir sings at 11 am Mass twice monthly throughout the entire calendar year, Clean up of church yard in the spring.
# Co-curricular Activities:
- “Jump Rope For Heart”
- Lacrosse presentations for Gr. 1 - 6
- Knights of Columbus Free Throw Basketball
- Safe & productive play on the yard at recess includes the following: flag football, soccer, basketball, baseball, tag, four square, mini sticks, running, tetherball, skipping, around the world & soccer baseball
- School Choir, Think bowl
- Garden Club


All Catholic schools within the jurisdiction of PVNCCDSB will follow the Board's Code of Conduct and said Code of Conduct will apply as the School's Code of Conduct.

Summary of Behaviour Expectations

And He said unto him, . . . but if you wish to enter into life, keep the commandments. Matt. 19:17
The Code of Behaviour was developed collaboratively by parents, teachers, administration, and students of the St. Martin’s Community. It was approved by the Catholic School Council. It will be reviewed regularly.


1. N.o B.ody C.ontact (NBC)
2. Treat others as you wish to be treated.
3. Respect the authority of supervisors.
4. Look out for the little person.


The word “discipline” comes from “disciple”, someone who follows the teaching of another. Discipline, therefore, means, not punishment, not tears, but a learning experience. Discipline means the creation of a structured environment which encourages each student to be productive and co-operative by choice.
The Code of Behaviour at St. Martin’s, including students, staff and parents, is based on the Gospel messages of love and respect for self, others and property. We are committed to foster a caring community of learners.


Did you know that... The Pride at St. Martin’s is living out our Mission Statement.

Mission Statement

St. Martin’s Catholic School is a Christ centred community where all members of the Holy Land work in Partnership to develop each child’s spiritual, social, intellectual, emotional and physical potential.
We are committed to fostering pride in our rich traditions and growing in a safe, happy and nurturing environment.

We are committed to prepare our young learners to reach their fullest potential while respecting and learning from the rich traditions of our community.